Wednesday, September 19, 2007

U.S. Route 7 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

U.S. Route 7 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Connecticut US 7 in Connecticut (also known as the Ethan Allen Highway) is mostly a surface road but has two short expressway sections in the Norwalk and Danbury areas. US 7 begins in Norwalk with a four-mile expressway to nearly the Wilton town line. There are three exits on this short section, signed as 'The Forty Third Infantry Division Memorial Highway'. Exit 1, just past Interstate 95 (the southern terminus) leads to the Central Norwalk Business District and US 1. Exit 2 leads to Route 123 which extends from US 1 in Norwalk to the New York State line, passing through the town of New Canaan. After Exit 2, the expressway reduces to four lanes from six. Exit 3 leads to Route 15 South. (known as the Merritt Parkway). This interchange was half built and only allows southbound access from the expressway—-northbound access is gained via CT Route 123 at Exit 2. The expressway section ends at Grist Mill Road in Norwalk, about a half mile past Exit 3"

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