Friday, October 26, 2007

'Gray Googlers' strike gold - Yahoo! News

'Gray Googlers' strike gold - Yahoo! News: "The same thing happened with Gail Bjork, 63, who runs the Digicamhelp site from her home base near Tampa. She designed her site but made a friend online in Ireland who has since redesigned it for a more professional sheen. 'My background was art,' says Bjork. 'I was an art teacher. I didn't know about code. My friend does. So now she handles the design, and I operate the site.' Bjork is a former local school board member who ran a print shop with her husband. A camera buff, she started the site because her friends were always asking for photo tips. 'This started as something to help my friends, and I've gone from a 14-page site to one with over 700 pages,' she says. 'I'm legally retired now - but not mentally.' Her site brings in around $1,500 a month. Bjork's advice to others: 'For anyone, no matter what age they are, if they find something they truly love, write about it. You have nothing to lose but time. And it could really pay off.'"

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