Friday, December 7, 2007

Let Sirius and XM merge, will you? - MarketWatch

Let Sirius and XM merge, will you? - MarketWatch: "At first, I was not a fan of any radio system that had you pay a subscription. But I also knew there was an opportunity in the market for good programming, since the local stations had long since, in my opinion, become boring under the auspices of Clear Channel Communications Inc. (CCU: Clear Channel Communications, Inc News, chart, profile, more Last: 35.87 0.41 1.16% 3:51pm 12/07/2007 Delayed quote data Add to portfolio Analyst Create alert Insider Discuss Financials Sponsored by: CCU 35.87, 0.41, 1.2%) and other conglomerates. These gave audiences a tedious sameness from station to station, across the country."

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