Monday, February 25, 2008

One More Video

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Friday's Snow led to Poor Biking Weather

So the Family and I started to Build a Snow Fort , ironically using an IGLOO COOLER.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kona Unit with the TOMI COG

Kona Unit with the TOMI COG

All went well except the chain was 2 links to short with the new 20t TomiCog so I dug up an old SRAM chain ( I always keep the left over links from past conversions) and stole a few links. Let me know if you ever need links I have tons of them. These Kona SS Drops do tighen up nicely so I will venture out in the AM with my 69er almost complete. The 29er Front Disc wheel is in the mail- but I will test her with the new ZION 26 SUS corrected Disc fork and a 26 -26 fixed set up.

2 Nice surprises came in the mail today

My TOMI COG , thanks for the fast shipping on this Hand crafted 20t Fixed Gear DISC Hub use COG. I am 90% done on my Kona Unit 69er Fixed / SS conversion.

The other was my NEMBA membership package.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

What Is The Deal With Those “69ers”? | Twenty Nine Inches

What Is The Deal With Those “69ers”? | Twenty Nine Inches: "Recently I was given the opportunity to ride a Trek 69er on some off road trails. I also was priveliged to speak with a few elite level racers concerning the format of running a 29 inch front wheel/ 26 inch rear wheel bike. One of those people was Mountain Bike Hall of Fame member Travis Brown. Here’s my take so far on the “69er” idea based upon my experiences and conversations with Travis and other elite level racers. This is my current answer for the question, “What is the deal with those 69ers ?”"

Dreamride White Rim 29 inch wheeled Mountain Bikes - Dreamride

Dreamride White Rim 29 inch wheeled Mountain Bikes - Dreamride: "1) Momentum is the key to understanding advantages of the larger wheels. Whatever dissipates momentum is the enemy of the 29 inch wheel (especially with fat tires). Whatever creates momentum is friend to 29ers. A 29er will eat up a 26 inch wheel bike on smooth, rolling terrain and especially on the flats. On a long steady or slow technical climb, the 26 inch wheel has the advantage, but this advantage can be overcome by a 29er pilot on a very light rigid 9er with a relentless clock-steady cadence."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Interbike Times � Photos

Interbike Times � Photos: "belt drive that’s bee all the rage since show season started. Haven’t ridden it yet, but the Spot Brand/Chris King bike looks very clean."

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

1960's Hercules City Bike

House of Steel - '36 Hercules Bicycle Restoration

House of Steel - '36 Hercules Bicycle Restoration: "On Tuesday, 15th February 2005, I picked up an old bicycle that had been sitting outside at my father's works for a year or so. It was purchased in 1946 in a shop in Leighton Buzzard, and had been used fairly constantly since then. It is believed to be a Hercules. I decided to restore it to its former glory, or something vaguely similar."

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tracer Close Up , Although Long gone it is missed

Scandium vs Carbon - Forums

Scandium vs Carbon - Forums: "Join Date: Jan 2008
Posts: 3

Scandium vs Carbon
Which bike frame material is a better ride. I'm 6'5 and 200 lbs. I'm pretty aggressive when I ride sometimes, I only have a 26er, and want to get a 29er. My real choices are between an On One Scandal and an Orbea Alma 29er."

Scandium Frame Review

Tech Center: "Scandium test
9.6.00 by Dan Empfield

I hold a derisive view of reviewers who feign—at least in my view, many of them feign—to perceive differences between one bike's 'harsh' ride versus another bike's 'supple' ride. I maintain that most of the value in a bike's superior comfort can be explained by other factors, primarily tire pressure and which cycling shorts happened not to be in the dirty clothes bin when the reviewer chose to ride the bike he was to write about—if, indeed, he ever did ride the bike."

Trek - ishiwata 022 1981 510 56cm Step 2

The Trek 510 1981 Fixed Gear is in Progress

PhotoShop Yourself in Howards Chair

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Refurbish or Upgrade Old Steel Road Bicycles bikes, refurbishing, upgrading

Refurbish or Upgrade Old Steel Road Bicycles bikes, refurbishing, upgrading: "Table 2 - TUBING TENSILE STRENGTH AND YIELD STRENGTH*
Tubing Name

Tensile strength, psi

Yield Strength, psi
Columbus SP, SL

Ishiwata 022

Reynolds 501

Reynolds 531

Reynolds 753

Tange 2001 Mangalloy

True Temper RC2


Vintage Trek - Steel Road Bike Timeline, Trek Bicycle Corporation

Vintage Trek - Steel Road Bike Timeline, Trek Bicycle Corporation: "1982

Frame models 510, 710, 720, 730, 750, and 950. Bike models 311, 412, 613, 614, 515, 710, 715, 728, 736, 759, 757, 950, 959, and 957. In this year Trek sold a bike Model 311, which does not appear in the catalog. The Model 311 does appear in the 82 price list (on this site) and in the serial number list. The SN list shows it was first made in mid 82 and was not made in 83. The 311 flyer is shown at the bottom of the HTML formatted 82 brochure."

Sheldon Brown (bicycle mechanic) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sheldon Brown (bicycle mechanic) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Sheldon Brown (July 14, 1944 - February 3, 2008) was an American bicycle mechanic and technical authority. He maintained an extensive website containing detailed articles relating to bicycle mechanics and maintenance, as well as a thorough glossary of bicycling terminology. His trademark beard and plastic helmet-mounted eagle,[2] named Igor, were matters of frequent comment."

Harris Cyclery-West Newton, Massachusetts Bicycle Shop

Harris Cyclery-West Newton, Massachusetts Bicycle Shop: "02/03/08:
Dear Harris Cyclery friends and customers,
It is with heavy hearts that we convey to you the news that Sheldon Brown has passed away. Our thoughts go out to his family at this time. The cycling community has lost one of its most passionate members.
Thank you all for your condolences and remembrances of Sheldon.
There will be a memorial service in early March. Details will be posted as available."