Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kona Unit with the TOMI COG


Mark said...

Nice build! I love those paragon style drops, too! My next frame will have those drops. All you need now is a front disc brake and you will be rockin' the mullet!

Where do you think you'll try your first off road fixie experience?

Also, you have to get this published on fixed gear gallery. Dennis is running two weeks behind. Still waiting for mine to be published.

Peter said...

Thanks , I took her out toady fro a quick ride in the woods behind Route7 Power Lines and train tracks. Platform Pedals are strange on the fixed motion but man it was a blast. I think the 20t cog was abit much 18t would be better , but lets see what happens on Saturday at Bradley Park in town. I lost 2 auctions for BB7 Disc brakes so I may just order a Front from one of the www.qbike.com best buys