Sunday, April 20, 2008

Muni First Impression

Got the SUN XL Unicycle home filled the Huge Volume Tire. Put the pedals on (cheap plastic) and rode around the block. Good was the huge 20 X 4.5 inch tire. It will be a lot of fun to ride when I get used to all that rubber on the ground. Not to easy to turn. So I added alot more air and took it out on a trail in the woods behind my house. Again alot of fun but the cranks are way to short and I cannot move this heavy wheel very easy. So I will have to get longer cranks and I know has um cheap for $ 20 - 30 a pair. In the mean time for comparison I added an old pair of 170 mm
cranks ( they look funny and If I were to keep them would need to grind off the chain ring arms on the drive side. I did try to ride it abit but the long arms are strange but much easier to get the wheel moving. I will do some research on crank length vrs wheel size before I bother to order any size. I really wanted to get in a Road ride before the rain hit this morning so I put the MUNI away and rode about 7 miles on the Lemond Fillmore with the new Velocity Deep V wheels and those sealed bearing hubs are really nice. More on the Fillmore and the Muni later.........

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