Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Derailleur Hanger compatibilty - availability !

Well my new frame came today I wanted to make sure all was perfect before I began the build.
Sette Shadow gets good enough reviews to justify the $ 150.00 spend on a new frame to run as a back up bike.
Now the problem is when you want or need to replace the derailleur hanger and Price Point has them on backorder. They told me the Sette Shadow will be back in stock in 2-3 months and the hangers will be in 1-2 months. I do not think I need one right now but I was to nervous to own a frame that I may not be able to find a hanger for. Thanks to this ebay store I was able to determine that this hanger would fit not only my Sette Shadow frame but many many others.

Fits KONA models - hanger aka "K"

Fits 2005-2006 SARACEN mantra


Maverick, Chimpira, Bakuto, Warrior comp, Race

2007 - Yakuza chimpira, Sachem 3.0, Warrior


Molotov, Molotov-2, Torabora


Flow, Grind


2005 – Nitron–Q MD-9, Xenon-E MD-14

2004 – Elegant MD-9


2004: Alite1000, Alite500, Alite300

2005: Alite2000, Alite1000, Alite500, Alite300

Partial year 2006 (may use #240 hanger instead, check image for final match): Alite3000, Alite2000, Alite1000, Alite500, Alite300

2007: Alite3000, Alite2000, Alite1000, Alite500, Alite300


Also fits:


Leader KSM

Sette Shadow

Planet-X jack flash

Tony Hawk

Le Tour de France

Monday, July 28, 2008

diablo park logic :: Photo :: Connecticut Mountain Biking Community ::

diablo park logic :: Photo :: Connecticut Mountain Biking Community :: "'Serenity' off of lower dominion. Part of diablo's new park logic stunts"

Highland Mountain Bike Park

Highland Mountain Bike Park

Dieselbikes Mountain Bike Technical Center

Dieselbikes Mountain Bike Technical Center: "Building Technical Trail Features (TTF)

We have assembled a list of information for building technical trail features to increase rider balance & trail skills. Check out our picture gallery and design layouts that will help you in planning your own backyard paradise."

IMBA Resources: Trail Building and Maintenance: 10 Tips to Build a Ladder Bridge

IMBA Resources: Trail Building and Maintenance: 10 Tips to Build a Ladder Bridge: "10 Tips to Build a Ladder Bridge

Originally designed to span wet areas, a ladder bridge is a simple elevated boardwalk and one of the easiest wooden trail features to build. Here are 10 tips for making them fun, durable, and safe.

1. Follow IMBA's Freeriding Guidelines
These tips, in the freeriding section of IMBA's website, provide important information on risk management, design, materials and construction techniques for wooden structures. Before starting, make sure to get permission from the local land manager.

2. Locate the ladder bridge properly
Ladder bridges can be added to trails of various difficulty level - just be sure that the challenge matches the skill of the expected riders. On beginner trails, ladder bridges should be wide and low to the ground. As skill levels increase, the structures can be higher, narrower and incorporate turns, camber changes and drop-offs.

On beginner trails, place the ladder bridge to the side for an optional, more challenging route. On advanced trails, the feature may be located in the main line. However, a clearly visible option around the ladder bridge should always be incorporated into the design."

IMBA Resources: Trail Building and Maintenance: Construction Guidelines for Wooden Technical Trail Features

IMBA Resources: Trail Building and Maintenance: Construction Guidelines for Wooden Technical Trail Features: "Construction Guidelines for Wooden Technical Trail Features
Before You Start

* Make sure to get permission from your local land manager before starting any trailwork.
* All wooden technical trail features (TTF) should be carefully planned. Create a schematic design that shows the trail and all elements of the TTF including scale, location, dimensions, materials, fasteners, filters, fall zones, signs and optional lines. Get approval of the plan before beginning construction.
* All wooden features should be designed and constructed with the assistance of an experienced carpenter.
* The TTF should generally follow best management practices for exterior deck, staircase and/or pedestrian bridge design, construction and maintenance."

Bike Jump Pool Scary

Crazy Bike Pool Jump Stunt !

Bikeskills Decending on a Mountain Bike

The $100 Solution (Frame Review) � Soul Side Down :The Forum For Bike Freaks

The $100 Solution (Frame Review) � Soul Side Down :The Forum For Bike Freaks: "In these frustrating times of high petrol prices, deflating dollar value, and general economic nausea, upgrading my sorely aging Barracuda frame was a little more to ask than my wallet could answer. There’s nothing “wrong” with the Barracuda; it fits as well as any bike I’ve ever had, functions just as well - if not better, and also stands as a piece of local riding nostalgia. But I could not shake this desire inside to ride something a little more “modern”, and maybe a bit more aggressive… and well, it’s been a while since I’ve had a “new” bike…"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Path To Nowhere Will Soon Lead Somewhere --

Path To Nowhere Will Soon Lead Somewhere --

Farmington Valley Greenway

THE FARMINGTON VALLEY Greenway will soon continue across the Salmon Brook after an abandoned railroad bridge is restored. (PATRICK RAYCRAFT / HARTFORD COURANT / August 19, 2003)

EAST GRANBY — - A missing link in the Farmington Valley Greenway, the bridge over Salmon Brook, won't be missing much longer. Money is now in place to pay for fixing the bridge that had been part of a rail line from New Haven into Massachusetts. The greenway is popular among the self-propelled.

Volunteers planning a Farmington-to-Massachusetts bike route 16 years ago knew that restoring the old Salmon Brook bridge would be a challenge. Five years ago they began a fund drive aimed exclusively at the project.

This month, their work paid off: Local voters approved a plan that uses mostly federal funds and private donations to reopen the abandoned railroad bridge for bicyclists, skaters, rollerbladers and pedestrians.

"It's been an incredibly long haul," says R. Bruce Donald, president of the Farmington Valley Trails Council. "There were board members and donors working selflessly on this years ago. Things are happening now, but that's because of what those people did."

Friday, July 25, 2008

KonaUnit 69er 18" Excellent condition 2006 FOR SALE

Titec Carbon Seatpost and Seat. Avid BB7 Disc Brakes. Light, fast and excellent condition
Trek has a OEM 69er they sell that has gotten rave reviews. $ 600.00 or best offer.

Click on Pics to enlarge for close ups.

Visit Craigslist Ad for more detail.

Craigslist -Tear Jerker Bike story I read today from Chicago !

Missing your bike? I may have bought it from your building janitor!! (Rogers Park)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-07-25, 1:35PM CDT

So here's the deal. I came home last night to the neighboring building's janitor / engineer throwing out bikes. Several. They were cutting / jacking open locks after giving people 30 days notice about removing items so they could paint the floor in the utility area. Most of them were crap, but when I asked he said there was one nice one left.

**Before anyone rails me, I know this is true. I saw the buckets of paint and a few of the notices / dates on the notices.**

In any case, there was....let's just say a VERY nice bike. The janitor said he'd sell it to me and in a moment of weakness, I bought it.

To my defense:
* the janitor said it had been there for a year and never moved (it was in fact covered in a layer of dust so this is believable)
* you did NOT respond to any of the three notices threatening to throw out this beautiful bike
* I did pay a reasonable amount for it, a few hundred in fact (still a deal).
* I was drunk.
* and....well, I posting here in an effort to get in back to you and save my karma. but mostly because it's the right thing to do.

So today I'm have serious pangs of guilt. It's a nice bike. If on the off chance you didn't just move away and forget this beauty, I'm sure you want it back.

Tell me the make & model, the street it was on and the only noticeable defect and it's yours. I'll write off the money I spent as penance for doing something stupid and arguably immoral.

I really hope you're some rich college student that just left your bike and isn't too worried about it. But, if not. Here you go. Claim it. Save my karma. Please.

  • Location: Rogers Park
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
PostingID: 769610686

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I finally pulled the trigger and picked up a new bike :^)

This is the 2008 Iron Horse MKIII Comp and I have not had a chance to hammer on this yet but I will comment on it as soon as I do.

Product info

The DW – Link MKIII Models have been some of the most rider acclaimed full suspension bikes in recent memory. The MKIII’s 5 inch travel DW-link Chassis paired with a 6 ¼ lb frame weight make for a true trail weapon, The MKIII is one of the most versatile bikes on the market, being used by riders for everything from XC and endurance racing, to Super-D and Dual Slalom. For 2008, the MKIII benefits from some geometry adjustments and spec changes to make it both lighter and faster on the trail.

This is it. This is the one – ladies and gentlemen, the venerable 2008 Iron Horse MKIII Comp: a perfect blend of cost and performance. Forged in a fiery chasm under shadows strewn by summits too tall to fathom, the Comp was crafted to withstand all Mother Nature has to offer and deliver its passengers to their destination in a manner both fast and fun.

The bombproof Rock Shox Recon AM 327 Air Shock makes the Comp truly indestructible – a good quality to have in a mountain bike. The Fox Float R rear Shock is just as rugged, making this bike perfect for almost any type of ride.

The SRAM X9/X7 Drivetrain, DT/SWISS X4 30 Rims, and Truvativ Bottom Bracket/Crankset amazingly keep this bike under 30lbs. Yup, a 5” travel All-Mountain bike under 30lbs. “Climb with the hardtails descend with the 7 inchers” that’s what the MKIII comp always says, in the case of the 2008 version, it can certainly back it up.

When people say, “All Mountain Weapon” this is what they mean!


SRAM X.9/X7 Drivetrain

● Rock Shox Recon AM 327 Air W/ Alloy Steerer, 130MM Travel

AVID JUICY 5 W/ 185MM Front & 160MM Rear Rotors

Full Easton Cockpit

32H/Alloy Disc, 32H/DT/SWISS X430, 32H/DT/SWISS Champion 2.0 Black Wheelset

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Website iBike.TV

I wanted to have a page dedicated to Biking Video and I own a great domain already.
So what better place. If anybody has any great video you want to share with me please
do so. Original content is preferred but lets see how this goes.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bike New Haven :: Summer Cycling Celebration :: East Rock Park

Bike New Haven :: Summer Cycling Celebration :: East Rock Park

SUPPORT Order a Jersey NOW

TWIN SIX: Alternative Cycling Apparel


Scattante SSR Frame and Fork @ Performance Bicycle

Scattante SSR Frame and Fork @ Performance Bicycle: "Regular Price: $699.98

Sale Price: $229.99 (That's 67% Off!)

Item #CB 2248"

What a deal plus an extra 20% off today with COUPON CODE 450

# Double butted chromoly steel frame delivers the optimum blend of stiffness, resiliency and overall low weight thanks to its smooth, clean welds and meticulous attention to detail
# 1 1/8" head tube and rear facing, micro-adjustable, track-style dropouts allow the installation of any 120mm track hub so you can run a freewheel, fixed-gear drivetrain, flip-flop hubs or even internally geared or coaster brake hubs for a truly customized ride
# Beautifully finished by an industry renowned paint shop to give you years of long lasting appearance and performance
# Removable, die-cut logos have been applied over the paint
# Complete decal set available separately: See item 90-0474
# Don't miss the Scattante SSR Fork; designed to work perfectly with this frame! See item# 30-0903

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2006 Kona Unit SS BB7 Disc Hookworms FOR SALE

atomicRack - Bicycle Rack - atomicRack Bicycle Rack for Bicycle, mountain bicycles rack, road bicycles rack

atomicRack - Bicycle Rack - atomicRack Bicycle Rack for Bicycle, mountain bicycles rack, road bicycles rack: "The atomicRack is a wall mount bicycle rack designed to park your bicycle.

Its a static bicycle rack for garage or for apartment.

Simple, take no room when idling, it is a must for every bicycle rider out there."

Randall Scott Cycles

Marin Rocky Ridge Bike

I am considering building this bike for my Son.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Troutbrook with Charlie ; ^ )

ALT-001-map_troutbrook.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Mike , John and Charlie led us on a great 1 hour ride on the Blue trail from Bradley Parking lot to the Apple orchard and North West. John with his busted rib takes control
and climbs like a goat on crack..... Mike having v brake issues decides to forge forward and fully carve his rear rim with no brake pad but shines through as a strong rider regardless. This could be a great Weekly Sunday ride Meet us 9:00. The Trout Brook Valley is closed to mountain bikers Jan through April to allow for the spring thaw..... Great ride.

Thursday, July 10, 2008