Friday, July 25, 2008

Craigslist -Tear Jerker Bike story I read today from Chicago !

Missing your bike? I may have bought it from your building janitor!! (Rogers Park)

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Date: 2008-07-25, 1:35PM CDT

So here's the deal. I came home last night to the neighboring building's janitor / engineer throwing out bikes. Several. They were cutting / jacking open locks after giving people 30 days notice about removing items so they could paint the floor in the utility area. Most of them were crap, but when I asked he said there was one nice one left.

**Before anyone rails me, I know this is true. I saw the buckets of paint and a few of the notices / dates on the notices.**

In any case, there was....let's just say a VERY nice bike. The janitor said he'd sell it to me and in a moment of weakness, I bought it.

To my defense:
* the janitor said it had been there for a year and never moved (it was in fact covered in a layer of dust so this is believable)
* you did NOT respond to any of the three notices threatening to throw out this beautiful bike
* I did pay a reasonable amount for it, a few hundred in fact (still a deal).
* I was drunk.
* and....well, I posting here in an effort to get in back to you and save my karma. but mostly because it's the right thing to do.

So today I'm have serious pangs of guilt. It's a nice bike. If on the off chance you didn't just move away and forget this beauty, I'm sure you want it back.

Tell me the make & model, the street it was on and the only noticeable defect and it's yours. I'll write off the money I spent as penance for doing something stupid and arguably immoral.

I really hope you're some rich college student that just left your bike and isn't too worried about it. But, if not. Here you go. Claim it. Save my karma. Please.

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