Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Comute to Work

I have made a strong effort to ride to work at least 1 day per week this summer. It is 9-11 miles here depending on the route and I have another 10-20 mile route home as I have more time. This morning I left at 8:35 and took the busy route straight down route 7 into South Norwalk. Traffic is out of control at this time so I think I will go back to R33 to Chestnut to Newtown Tpke to East Ave into South Norwalk. That is safer and take only a few minutes more. I arrived at 9:05 but I had to stop and adjust the rear wheel. I did not secure the QR tight enough when I changed the tires to 700x32 Cross tire this morning. This old 853 Lemond Buenos Aires 1998-99 frame with full 8 Speed Dura Ace rides real nice and is pretty light.

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Mark said...

Wow, what did you pay for this bike? Very nice!