Friday, August 1, 2008

Shadow & MKIII


Mark said...

I see you took the CBs on the 'Horse. How do you like them?

That Sette is Hawt! Looks like a jump bike. How does it pedal?

Peter said...

Feels like a large BMX bike and reminds me of when I was a kid. My sons fits on it with the seat all the way down. Perfect

Eddie said...

I'm looking to get the Sette Shadow frame too, but I can't find any info on the effective top tube length (from the top center of the headset to the centerline of the seatpost, measured parallel to the ground). Do you mind measuring it and letting me know so I'll be able to tell how well the frame fits? Perhaps post it back up here, and/or on the MTBR product review site?

Also, how's the frame been holding up?

- Eddie

Peter said...

Hello Eddie
The frame is gone, I sold the bike to fund a SantaCruz Heckler. However
I will say that the One Size fits all did not work perfect for me. I am 6 foot and it felt short in the toptube. Height was fine with my tall seatpost. The frame held up great although it only had a few runs on it. Solid and beafy. If your
under 6 foot tall I bet it will be fine. Also I prefer a larger frame. My Heckler is a Large and it feels abit tight compared to my IronHorse MKIII in a size 19"