Friday, August 1, 2008

Trek 510 022 ishiwata 700x40 vrs 700x32

There is a huge difference in the way the bike rides. Without the clipless pedals it was almost impossible to slow her down with the fat tires. They just spin so heavy. But the ride is so smooth and fluid that it may be worth going back. I am running 700x32 on it right now and they feel so light and minimal. Accelerate much faster and easy to slow down. I bought a pair of 700x40 Kenda $6.95 each from Nashbar a few months back also. Both sets fit the frame and fork with no problem. The pictures above are with the Kenda Kross Plus 700x40's for $ 4.95 each.
Shipping was almost as much as a pair of the tires :^)


Mark said...

How much clearance do you have with that tire in the rear? Looks minimal.

Peter said...

yes but I had to grind down the bottom of the bolt hole for the rear brake. It was a round lip about 1-2 MM

benjamin said...

What size chainring and cog are you running with the 40s?

Peter said...

16 and 18 x 46 with IRO165mm cranks.
I want a smaller ring up front.