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Monday, September 29, 2008


www.NYCBikes.com: "Type: CrossSpeed II
Color: All 10 NYCBikes colors available.
Size(s): Small, Med, Large, X-Large
CrossSpeed II Frame, CrossDisc 29'er Fork, Tiagra Shifter Levers, RPM Cold Forged Crank with CNC'd Rings (36/50), Deore Rear Derailleur, LX Front Derailleur, WTB Speed-V Saddle, WTB Mythos XC 29x2.1' Tires."

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cliff is riding the 2008 NYC MS Bike Tour 100 miles FIXED

Please help $upport Cliff in his efforts to raise money for MS riding the 2008 NYC MS Tour . He is a 3 time cancer surviver that has been riding fixed to help rehabilitate himself. He continues to document his struggle and I wish him the best. Cliff is on the right with the IRO Fixed and SOBE rag.

About Cliff :

Since Jan. 2004, my life has centered around battling a very chemo-resistant form of Hodgkins lymphoma (I was originally diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-cell lymphoma and also Mediastinal Grey-Zone B-cell lymphoma), an aggressive blood cancer. Through my first-line treatment and two relapses, I’ve employed riding fixedgear and singlespeed bikes as my primary rehabilitative activity to strengthen my body and mind before, during, and after four chemo protocols, radiation therapy, and an allogeneic bone marrow transplant (BMT).

Since my BMT in 2006, I have developed an autoimmune disease, chronic Graft versus Host Disease (cGvHD), which is a common side effect of an allogeneic bone marrow transplant. While all my scans since my BMT show no evidence of active lymphoma, daily life with cGvHD has proven to be quite a challenge and it requires being on immunosuppressants, antibiotics, and other medicines for months at a time.

I continue to train to keep my body as strong as possible in the event that I relapse yet again, requiring further treatment and therapy.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trek 510 022 56cm

the 140mm Stiff Cross style Frog stem is killer and the 46mm wide bars make the Geometry perfect on the 56cm frame and my 6 foot dorky structure. Love the ride. Rode this from wilton to ridgefield on Route 7 then into Weston and back aprox 25 miles last weekend. 700cX40 tires are heavey but both float and grab the uneven road surface.

Truvativ HammerSchmidt - For those about to ride! - Pinkbike.com

Truvativ HammerSchmidt - For those about to ride! - Pinkbike.com

Sellwood Cycle Repair's current inventory of new and used bicycles.

Sellwood Cycle Repair's current inventory of new and used bicycles.: "Kona Sutra Touring 60 cm 58.5 cm Deda SAT 14.5
2006 model 700c $400 Available

SS or Geared Disc Cross Touring Kona - Exponent Frame (08)

BeyondBikes.com - Kona - Exponent Frame (08)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Surly Fixxer Hub Converter

Cassette hub converter. Converts any Shimano cassette hub except silent cluth and pre 1997 Dura Ace, to a fixed gear. Includes all hardware. Does not include cog or lockring but is stepped for a track lockring.The Surly Fixxer converts most Shimano cassette hubs to fixed gear. Threaded for a cog and lockring, like a track hub.

Converts any Shimano cassette hub, except pre-1997 and 2004 Dura-Ace and Silent Clutch, to fixed gear
Includes all hardware, spacers, solid axle and axle nuts for conversion
Stepped thread for cog and lockring (sold separately)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Crank Brothers Joplin R Adjustable Height Seatpost :: Review :: Connecticut Mountain Biking Community :: Crankfire.com

Just last week I was riding in Wilton Woods and still getting used to my new 19" Iron Horse MKIII. It is a bit larger than my past bike (Intense Tracer) Medium ( 17-18inch) can't remember. The geometry on my new steed although fantastic, is giving me a hard time getting the seat height correct for riding through anything thing more technical than packed dirt. I really had the smaller Tracer dialed in.

Maybe the added travel 5-5 over the 3-4 is also causing some problems. I just can not get comfortable and find myself bailing on small drops, rollers and logs that I would have jumped in a heartbeat. Maybe getting lazy, old and fat not to mention bald and insecure has some effect but, I need to blame it on something else C;^)

I mentioned my concern to a buddy who was coasting past me as I carried my steed over a fallen tree "if only someone would come up with a seat post that can be adjusted up and down on the fly it would solve my problem. They could call it an Ass Jack or something catchy."

Bingo- I just came across this great review. But (no pun intended) it is way to costly to be worth consideration.

Crank Brothers Joplin R Adjustable Height Seatpost :: Review :: Connecticut Mountain Biking Community :: Crankfire.com: "I have always wanted of these automatic seat post deals, I even came close to grabbing a Gravity Dropper seat post a few years back, but I just couldn't quite pull that trigger. I mean c'mon, these things are damn expensive and did I really need one?! Probably not, do I need one now? Probably not. Do I have one now? Yeah I do."

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Iron Horse Creaking solved

The guys at Ski Market (Tony) etc... are great. They tore apart the Dt Swiss hub
and determined that it was not built correctly. It was bone dry and the hub prawls were damaged & on the way out. 1 or 2 more rides and I was the owner of a seized hub.

Well I called rscycle.com and Nick who by the way has been my primary contact since before I actually bought the bike, heard my complaint. Imagine that , I called to get advise on buying a bike and speak to the Mechanic ( not a outsourced order taker) and he coached me through the purchase and has helped on both issues I had. The other was the front disc rotor was not the larger 8 inch as advertisied and they sent me that overnight with no hesitation.

He was great and agreed that I had a real issue and would try to get me a new rear wheel. I am grateful for the internet and for finding a great vendor like Randall Scott Cycles. These guys sell great product and understand how to handle the customer and make sure we are treated fair. Customer service is the key to future business and RS understands that.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ugly creaking noise on the Iron Horse

So on Sunday morning I had a window of 1 hour to ride so I headed to Wilton Woods (Town forest ...) and met up with Bikerdave as he was leaving. He is always ready to ride and as he was leaving the parking lot changed his mind and decided jumped back into the WOODS . So I asked him if it wood be OK to try to tag along. He being a true pack leader of course agreed and also mentioned a new trail he blazed. I asked how much time it took to muscle 1.5 miles of fresh single track with drops, hucks, berms , teeter tots and he casually mentioned 30 man hours. Thanks Dave, Please contact me in the future so I can help.

Dave carved sum crazy switchbacks with his talent on course design should be considered the new Norman/ Player / Nicklaus/ Fazio- bla bla bla of the Single Track Design. So I followed him into the WOODs and we did a quick 3 miles which included his new path. If you haven't ridden Town Forest lately it is worth the trip. Dave thanks and sorry to slow you down. I wished I had more time but I had to get back to pick up my son from Football. Dave of course tore it up and rolled over everything in his path. He left marks on all the boulders with his crank guard as he ripped and rolled over everything. He moves like a squirrel on crack. Wish I was Biker Dave.............

So Sunday I met my my buddy Billy B- and we dropped in on Huntington Park. I think we put in about 7-8 miles and found a few great new trails in the East section with lots on climbs and drops. I think we were close to the Greenleaf Road. I was tired, sweaty, fat and my sense of direction was a mess.

This is when I realized the problem was getting worse. My 2008 Iron Horse Comp MKIII was crying in pain on every crank rotation. I am not sure if it was the BB, rear hub, chain, cassette or a combo but in the low gears it screamed and creaked whenever I tried to turn the cranks. So today I dropped it off at Ski Market to have it looked over. They did the build on this bike as I bought it online from Randall Scott Cycles , was told to have a pro- bike shop assemble it to validate the mnfr warranty. Ok, so to make a long story short I left the bike at Ski Market and tomorrow will find out why she screams when I put any pressure on the cranks. I bet it is the rear hub.

Speaking of screaming I have been dealing with a serious tooth infection for the past 3 weeks. I was hoping it was just a Bite adjustment issue but turns out a Root canal from 15 or so years ago decided to shit itself and get infected. After 3 weeks of avoiding DR Epstein ( Westport Ct best Tooth Dr) I called him and he brought me in right away. His staff is awsum and them all looked me over and we decide that my mouth is a train wreck. Off to Dr Phipher in Norwalk and at 4 oclock I find myself doing what every asshole patient does over and over. I self diagnose and explain several ways that I could have damaged my teeth/ tooth to the Dentist that is the " Michael Phelps" of the "Broken Teeth Repairmen" why I am here. It really is a joke why we always want to give a 3- 4 week history of why and what we did to create this tooth pain as if somehow the Dr will be impressed that we know what we did wrong or how the tooth failed, He does not care why or how and it does not make my invoice any cheaper so I am resolved to stop playing dentist and promise to no longer longer tell my story,........

I finished the day by playing Ice Hockey with my busted up teeth and on pain killers. I will finish this post on Wednesday when I find out what is wrong with my teeth, bike and Serius Satelite Radio that also shit itself the other day. I am not having a great week :) After 3 years of listening to Satelite Radio my opinion is that FM Radio is :
A- Dull
B- Predictable
#3- mostly poor reception unless you listen to 999.9 .

I am sold on Satelite Radio and will never go back.
I really missed my programming.