Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Iron Horse Creaking solved

The guys at Ski Market (Tony) etc... are great. They tore apart the Dt Swiss hub
and determined that it was not built correctly. It was bone dry and the hub prawls were damaged & on the way out. 1 or 2 more rides and I was the owner of a seized hub.

Well I called and Nick who by the way has been my primary contact since before I actually bought the bike, heard my complaint. Imagine that , I called to get advise on buying a bike and speak to the Mechanic ( not a outsourced order taker) and he coached me through the purchase and has helped on both issues I had. The other was the front disc rotor was not the larger 8 inch as advertisied and they sent me that overnight with no hesitation.

He was great and agreed that I had a real issue and would try to get me a new rear wheel. I am grateful for the internet and for finding a great vendor like Randall Scott Cycles. These guys sell great product and understand how to handle the customer and make sure we are treated fair. Customer service is the key to future business and RS understands that.

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