Friday, September 12, 2008

Surly Fixxer Hub Converter

Cassette hub converter. Converts any Shimano cassette hub except silent cluth and pre 1997 Dura Ace, to a fixed gear. Includes all hardware. Does not include cog or lockring but is stepped for a track lockring.The Surly Fixxer converts most Shimano cassette hubs to fixed gear. Threaded for a cog and lockring, like a track hub.

Converts any Shimano cassette hub, except pre-1997 and 2004 Dura-Ace and Silent Clutch, to fixed gear
Includes all hardware, spacers, solid axle and axle nuts for conversion
Stepped thread for cog and lockring (sold separately)


Mark said...

How much is that?

Mark said...

Will this work on those Rolfs? I might be close to selling the Bianchi and will need another fixed gear wheel.

Mark said...

Ordered one from in Maine yesterday and I am going to try it out.