Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ugly creaking noise on the Iron Horse

So on Sunday morning I had a window of 1 hour to ride so I headed to Wilton Woods (Town forest ...) and met up with Bikerdave as he was leaving. He is always ready to ride and as he was leaving the parking lot changed his mind and decided jumped back into the WOODS . So I asked him if it wood be OK to try to tag along. He being a true pack leader of course agreed and also mentioned a new trail he blazed. I asked how much time it took to muscle 1.5 miles of fresh single track with drops, hucks, berms , teeter tots and he casually mentioned 30 man hours. Thanks Dave, Please contact me in the future so I can help.

Dave carved sum crazy switchbacks with his talent on course design should be considered the new Norman/ Player / Nicklaus/ Fazio- bla bla bla of the Single Track Design. So I followed him into the WOODs and we did a quick 3 miles which included his new path. If you haven't ridden Town Forest lately it is worth the trip. Dave thanks and sorry to slow you down. I wished I had more time but I had to get back to pick up my son from Football. Dave of course tore it up and rolled over everything in his path. He left marks on all the boulders with his crank guard as he ripped and rolled over everything. He moves like a squirrel on crack. Wish I was Biker Dave.............

So Sunday I met my my buddy Billy B- and we dropped in on Huntington Park. I think we put in about 7-8 miles and found a few great new trails in the East section with lots on climbs and drops. I think we were close to the Greenleaf Road. I was tired, sweaty, fat and my sense of direction was a mess.

This is when I realized the problem was getting worse. My 2008 Iron Horse Comp MKIII was crying in pain on every crank rotation. I am not sure if it was the BB, rear hub, chain, cassette or a combo but in the low gears it screamed and creaked whenever I tried to turn the cranks. So today I dropped it off at Ski Market to have it looked over. They did the build on this bike as I bought it online from Randall Scott Cycles , was told to have a pro- bike shop assemble it to validate the mnfr warranty. Ok, so to make a long story short I left the bike at Ski Market and tomorrow will find out why she screams when I put any pressure on the cranks. I bet it is the rear hub.

Speaking of screaming I have been dealing with a serious tooth infection for the past 3 weeks. I was hoping it was just a Bite adjustment issue but turns out a Root canal from 15 or so years ago decided to shit itself and get infected. After 3 weeks of avoiding DR Epstein ( Westport Ct best Tooth Dr) I called him and he brought me in right away. His staff is awsum and them all looked me over and we decide that my mouth is a train wreck. Off to Dr Phipher in Norwalk and at 4 oclock I find myself doing what every asshole patient does over and over. I self diagnose and explain several ways that I could have damaged my teeth/ tooth to the Dentist that is the " Michael Phelps" of the "Broken Teeth Repairmen" why I am here. It really is a joke why we always want to give a 3- 4 week history of why and what we did to create this tooth pain as if somehow the Dr will be impressed that we know what we did wrong or how the tooth failed, He does not care why or how and it does not make my invoice any cheaper so I am resolved to stop playing dentist and promise to no longer longer tell my story,........

I finished the day by playing Ice Hockey with my busted up teeth and on pain killers. I will finish this post on Wednesday when I find out what is wrong with my teeth, bike and Serius Satelite Radio that also shit itself the other day. I am not having a great week :) After 3 years of listening to Satelite Radio my opinion is that FM Radio is :
A- Dull
B- Predictable
#3- mostly poor reception unless you listen to 999.9 .

I am sold on Satelite Radio and will never go back.
I really missed my programming.


Mark said...

I get little creaks in my Iron Horse but it's coming from the cockpit. I don't think it's the headset otherwise I think it would have gotten worse over the past 200 miles I have ridden it. No, I think it's the stem plate and bars.

Sorry to hear about the toofs.

As for the Sirius, here is what I did when my Streamer stopped working: Called them up and offered to them either transfer my main account to my wife's system or give me a free radio. I got the free radio! It's the cheapest one they have but WGAF? I only regularly listen to Hardatak, the Punk Channel, The Dead Channel, and Howard. Plenty of presets to appease the kids. Wife won't ride in my death trap unless we are going boating.

Good luck. Let us know how it all turns out.

Peter said...

Ok these are loud creaks and are coming from the BB - Cassette as far I can tell. light / small creaks I can deal with but this is not exceptable. The Radio problem in the In dash unit was actually in the head unit and a simply " reset" with a pin as in most electronics did the trick and now the JVC KD AR 770 found the Sirius XM input and works great again. Thanks to TOM from Tintronics