Wednesday, October 8, 2008

CLIFF rode the NYC MS tour 1speederblog » Bike MS-100 Century

Great coverage of this event. Cliff does a great job of capturing the feel of the ride. Thanks Cliff.

1speederblog » Bike MS-100 Century: "Yesterday was the Bike MS-100 ride. Johan got sick a couple of days ago, so it was just Rogelio and me. On Saturday, I looked at the course map for the first time and saw that most of the ride, 70 miles of it, was along the Palisades and up in Rockland County, both of which are very hilly,"
so I ditched my plan of riding the fixie and decided to tune up my road bike. I hadn’t ridden my road bike in two years. Only the first 30 miles of the ride was around Manhattan and hill-free. My plan for these three century rides these past five weeks (the NYC Century, the Pumpkin Patch Pedal, and the Bike MS-100) was to do all three on my fixedgear bike. I knew immediately, after looking at the course map, that riding fixie on this ride would be way too hard for me at this point, being on high dose prednisone for the past five months. I’m from southern Westchester and I’m familiar the terrain through the Palisades and Rockland County. Had I ridden the fixie, I wouldn’t have been able to climb most of the hills. There was one fixer I saw doing the 100-mile course. He always came in after us to the rest stops and about 40 minutes after we arrived the finish line. Still, major kudos to that guy. That was a tough course to ride on a fixie.

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