Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Huntington Day after Thanksgiving

Rode with Billy and his 2 buddies. I rode 4.51 miles then bailed for a personal family matter. We did a lot of climbing and had a blast. The Heckler is really a lot of fun. I was pretty wiped from the ride the day before.

More Pics

Thanksgiving Morning

After I finished peeling Yams and Potatoes to feed 20 people I was able to slip out for what I thought would be a cold and quick ride. It was about 45 degrees and overcast. I headed up to Troutbrook via Bradley Road off Valleyforge Road. The parking lot was packed. Mostly hikers and dog walkers. Very few bike racks. I decided the take the Tourquise loop on the left and roll up to meet the White. I've never ridden left to right. It turns out this is a great way to enjoy the park
and not kill myself with the Hard climb on the right to JumpHill as the start. I must have counted 25 Dogs walking packs of people in the woods. Fairfield County only allows Labs apparently. Take a look at at the scenery I got to enjoy as I forgot it was Thanksgiving and we had company filling the house back home.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

KanyonKris: Mountain Bike Lights For Under $65

KanyonKris: Mountain Bike Lights For Under $65: "Interested in a light setup for mountain biking at night for under $65? Here are the features:

* Two light system - one on the helmet, the other on the handlebars
* 190 lumens output for each light (380 lumens total) *
* Blue-white light good for illuminating mountain biking terrain
* 2 hours of full light, 2.5 hours of usable light
* Uses high-capacity, light-weight lithium ion batteries
* Durable LED light source good for 50,000 hours
* Tough, water-resistant housing
* 4.1 ounces (116 grams) for each light with battery

* The retailer states 230 lumens but this is simply the output claimed by the LED manufacturer at 1 amp of current. A commenter at DealExtreme stated the output is closer to 190 lumens."

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wilton Woods as a spectator

Free Ride

I could not pass up on this Free Ride Santa Cruz Heckler. I was also looking at a few Bullits but felt this was enough travel. I have several rides with in Wilton Woods this weekend and it climbs like crasy and is stiff and stable on the decents.