Sunday, November 9, 2008

Free Ride

I could not pass up on this Free Ride Santa Cruz Heckler. I was also looking at a few Bullits but felt this was enough travel. I have several rides with in Wilton Woods this weekend and it climbs like crasy and is stiff and stable on the decents.


Mark said...

Now this is unexpected. Thought you were buying a 29er.

Peter said...

Yup still on the menu but have 2 fixed gear bikes to unload 1st. After I sell those I can look for a 29er. Do not want a SS set up. I really need a 1x9 setup.
This Freeride with lots of travel and beefy frame just screamed to take her home. I think I like it better than the DW Horse........... time will tell. Maybe I can keep them both.