Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Morning

After I finished peeling Yams and Potatoes to feed 20 people I was able to slip out for what I thought would be a cold and quick ride. It was about 45 degrees and overcast. I headed up to Troutbrook via Bradley Road off Valleyforge Road. The parking lot was packed. Mostly hikers and dog walkers. Very few bike racks. I decided the take the Tourquise loop on the left and roll up to meet the White. I've never ridden left to right. It turns out this is a great way to enjoy the park
and not kill myself with the Hard climb on the right to JumpHill as the start. I must have counted 25 Dogs walking packs of people in the woods. Fairfield County only allows Labs apparently. Take a look at at the scenery I got to enjoy as I forgot it was Thanksgiving and we had company filling the house back home.

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