Wednesday, February 18, 2009


How cool is twitter ?

Taken from FATTY's page :

Well, in yesterday’s post, Scot Nicol (aka Chuck Ibis, founder of Ibis Cycles) and I issued Bob Roll a challenge: if we could get people to donate $5000 to Bob Roll’s LiveStrong Challenge page by the end of the Tour of California, he’d get rid of that little tuft of hair (aka “the fin”) on top of his head.

Well, almost exactly 24 hours later, the prospect of a bald Bobke has raised $5110 $5650 to fight cancer.

“Awesome” seems like kind of a weak word for how cool that is.


Some Interesting Stats
Like numbers? Here are a few you may be interested in.

  • 194: The number of people, in 24 hours, who have donated money to Bob’s LiveStrong page
  • 230: The number of email messages Bob Roll had in his email box this morning regarding this challenge. “That’s a lot, isn’t it?” asked Bob Roll. Yes, Bob, it is.
  • 7833: How many people came to last night and today as a result of Lance Armstrong’s tweet about yesterday’s blog post.

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