Sunday, February 8, 2009

Short Ride today convinced me to keep the Heckler

I upgraded the Santa Cruz Hecker with a 120 stem and 380 wide bars and took it our for a 9 mile road and town ride. Feels so much better. The Large frame is great but at 6 foot may have needed a XL . I think I am gonna keep it anyway and perhaps even go to a 130mm stem lenth. I had to avoid the woods as the trails around here cannot handle being abused with this warm spell. Maybe if it get in the 20 again :) I have been on for a long time but only now am I starting to understand. If is fantastic. join twitter and follow me . peterwesterholm is my ID.


Mark said...

Do you still have your Iron Horse?

Peter said...

sure do, I am keeping the WORK HORSE for sure. I saw you trying to work a deal for the specialized 29 frame on crankfire ? I like that but to many rich for my blood