Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Da Pistolero

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(CNN) -- Tour de France winner Alberto Contador has launched a stinging attack on Astana teammate Lance Armstrong after returning as a hero to his native town of Pinto near Madrid.

Lance Armstrong (right) looks on after Alberto Contador is handed the Tour de France trophy in Paris.

Lance Armstrong (right) looks on after Alberto Contador is handed the Tour de France trophy in Paris.

Contador told a news conference that relations between the two riders were tense throughout the race, making the atmosphere very difficult for the team as a whole.

Although not giving specific reasons why, Contador admitted the situation has affected his relationship with the American.

"My relationship with Lance Armstrong is non-existent. Even if he is a great champion, I have never had admiration for him and I never will," the 26-year-old Spaniard admitted.

"It was a delicate situation, very tense, the two riders who had most weight on the team did not have an easy relationship and that puts the rest of the technical staff and the riders in an uncomfortable position," he added.

The Spaniard, who also won the Tour in 2007, compared the situation with that of Formula One drivers Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton at McLaren when they were colleagues.

"That situation in some way illustrated what I have experienced. But I knew that if we kept a cool head everything would be OK," he added.

With Armstrong and Astana team chief Johan Bruyneel both leaving the team at the end of the season, Contador's future also remains unclear. "We will have to see what happens. I do not know where I'll go, but I am clear that it will be a team that is 100 per cent behind me."

Contador eventually finished the race over four minutes clear of Luxembourg's Andy Schleck, with American Armstrong -- who was riding in his first Tour since completing the last of his seven wins in 2005 -- a remarkable third.

It was Contador's fourth successive grand tour victory, after he also won last year's Giro d'Italia and Vuelta Espana following the Tour organizers' decision not to invite the Astana team to the race.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Returned the SONY WEBBIE and researching other options like the GoPro Hero

Cnet and Gizmodo both gave this camera great reviews. I may take a chance.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My favorite Tee Shirt !

SUNDAY easy 5 mile ride in Trumbull

Have not ridden Trumbull in 4 years. had a few hours to kill so I hit the Daniels Farms Road exit on route 25 and jumped in . Did 5 wet miles and had a lot of fun. Was tired from hard ride yesterday on the 29er. So I figured I would just take my time and rolled around the entire park. Used the the trusty CANON SD600 Elph. Most of these pics are of the " Green Monster " it is about 25 foot drop. I never tried it and have no plans to but over the years have watched many riders drop in and make it look easy.

SONY WEBBIE HD $200.00 digi camcorder :(

Yesterday I hit Trout Brook Valley ( Aspetuck ) Jump Hill etc... I wanted to really test the Spot 29er and test the SONY WEBBIE . So I entered at Bradley Road and Took the White trail up the center and looped to the orchard. Took an awsum video of a rather large Hawk taking off. The stills came out OK but I had no luck getting any of the video to upload. Running Vista and ran the Sony disc with correct drivers. Tried and tried and then somehow lost all the video. Oh Well I ended up doing 8 hard miles at about 5 miles per hour average. So I will be returning the Sony. I liked the size and ease of use. If I could see the video amd make a decision. I have been reading about the 200.00 GoPro Hero wide angle camera. I may try to order one of those.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Short ride this morning but felt great finally

Was running late and had to get my son from my parents so I had to cut my ride short. Did about 3 miles at Huntington with the Spot and had a blast. Feels tall but handles nice and really does roll nicely over rocks and crap. I bought a pump to fill the shock yesterday and the original reading suggested I had a bout 80 lbs in the Minute :( No wonder it felt strange. I pumped it up to 150 using the Specialized WindPipe combo pump ( picked it up from the Outdoor Sports Center on Route 7) . Infact I topped off the Recon on the Iron Horse also. That was at 140. I am 210 right now so 65-70% of my weight is perfect. The pumps worked great and the Spot rode sweet. Better than I anticipated. I will get in a longer run Sunday and provide a full review.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Project Rudy Helmet-Glasses Deals

There are some great deals out there for sweet Helmets - Glasses etc... I found Mountian Plus Outdoor Gear running banners on a few bike sites offerring about about $450 worth of gear for $200.00 with free shipping. if you have the discount codes ( ask me :) maybe I'll hook you up you can take 10% off your first purchase. After my first order them game a a cde for 15% off my next order. They take paypal so sell some of your old gear and hook up some new shades and a helmet.

Spot Test ride 1st impressions

Ok so I got up earlier this morning and did a quick 5 mile run around the back roads here in town. I plan on riding Huntington Saturday morning so I wanted to be sure I was dialed in. Rides like a dream on the road. The large frame fits perfect and I am so stoked with the double chainring up front. The Minute 29er fork has to be played with. I think I actually bottomed out on a speed bump so I think more air pressure is needed. Also when I pick up the front end I feel a strange bit of play. Perhaps the rebound setting. Shifts amazing and rolls nicely over the huge rocks in my yard. Also going down steps feels so much more secure with the 29 wheels. The sitty grips lock on the outside edge only so that annoys me. So far very pleased overall. Lets see how she rides on the trails tommorrow. Bye the way I really like the stroker disc brakes. I have read reviews that have not be so favorable. Not sure what the problem was but I will make sure to comment as they wear in and take some abuse.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spot Longboard 29er Size Large 9x2 SLX

I have not had a chance to ride this yet as I have been sick all week. Head cold has kept me beaten down.