Saturday, July 11, 2009

Short ride this morning but felt great finally

Was running late and had to get my son from my parents so I had to cut my ride short. Did about 3 miles at Huntington with the Spot and had a blast. Feels tall but handles nice and really does roll nicely over rocks and crap. I bought a pump to fill the shock yesterday and the original reading suggested I had a bout 80 lbs in the Minute :( No wonder it felt strange. I pumped it up to 150 using the Specialized WindPipe combo pump ( picked it up from the Outdoor Sports Center on Route 7) . Infact I topped off the Recon on the Iron Horse also. That was at 140. I am 210 right now so 65-70% of my weight is perfect. The pumps worked great and the Spot rode sweet. Better than I anticipated. I will get in a longer run Sunday and provide a full review.

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