Sunday, July 26, 2009

SONY WEBBIE HD $200.00 digi camcorder :(

Yesterday I hit Trout Brook Valley ( Aspetuck ) Jump Hill etc... I wanted to really test the Spot 29er and test the SONY WEBBIE . So I entered at Bradley Road and Took the White trail up the center and looped to the orchard. Took an awsum video of a rather large Hawk taking off. The stills came out OK but I had no luck getting any of the video to upload. Running Vista and ran the Sony disc with correct drivers. Tried and tried and then somehow lost all the video. Oh Well I ended up doing 8 hard miles at about 5 miles per hour average. So I will be returning the Sony. I liked the size and ease of use. If I could see the video amd make a decision. I have been reading about the 200.00 GoPro Hero wide angle camera. I may try to order one of those.

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