Friday, July 10, 2009

Spot Test ride 1st impressions

Ok so I got up earlier this morning and did a quick 5 mile run around the back roads here in town. I plan on riding Huntington Saturday morning so I wanted to be sure I was dialed in. Rides like a dream on the road. The large frame fits perfect and I am so stoked with the double chainring up front. The Minute 29er fork has to be played with. I think I actually bottomed out on a speed bump so I think more air pressure is needed. Also when I pick up the front end I feel a strange bit of play. Perhaps the rebound setting. Shifts amazing and rolls nicely over the huge rocks in my yard. Also going down steps feels so much more secure with the 29 wheels. The sitty grips lock on the outside edge only so that annoys me. So far very pleased overall. Lets see how she rides on the trails tommorrow. Bye the way I really like the stroker disc brakes. I have read reviews that have not be so favorable. Not sure what the problem was but I will make sure to comment as they wear in and take some abuse.

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