Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sold the Garmon Edge 705 and am using the Iphone 3gs with MotionX Trail GPS

I recently sold my Garmin 705 that was 99% perfection. The only issue I had was that it became redundant when I picked up a Iphone and added the MotionX $2.99 App for hiking and biking. I only needed a bicycle mount system that would protect the hardware and be CHEAP.... Well after a bit of research I bought a system with a few extra clamps. Amazon and Ebay had these for under $20.00. Works great but what about rough terrain and rain. Simple solution is a DoItYourSelf solution using 2- 1 liter Selzer bottles and a few rubber bands. Fit container in your Water Bottle cradle and your all set.

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Mike said...

Sweet, man! Thanks for sharing.