Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Project : Surly Cross Check 2006 56cm

Well I took a long break between builds and I am considering my options. I bought for cash and parts trades a older Surly Cross Check. It needs a cleaning and front and rear canti brake hangers. Ordered them along with with Avid Shorty 6 2009 Canti brakes. Now do I build this SS/ Fixed or use my Full Ultegra Triple group. I want to run 700x 40 or 42 tires and would love gears on this..... If I could sell the Vintage Trek Frame then it would make my decision easier. Pics to come.Cable Hanger

We couldn’t find a cable hanger we liked which also fit our Constrictor seat post clamp’s oversized bolt. So we made one. Long enough to eliminate kinked rear brake cables, large enough to fit over thick post clamp bolts, versatile enough to work with most other post clamps, and it’s even got an adjusting barrel. Stainless steel.

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