Monday, May 31, 2010

Norwalk River Valley Trail

The Norwalk River Valley Trail (NRVT) is planned to be a Multi-Use Trail; where the trail can be used by different users which include walkers, bikers, runners, joggers, those on roller blades, those wheeling strollers, and people in wheelchairs. The NRVT will enhance both the wellness and quality of life of Norwalk residents and visitors. Bicycling is an enjoyable, inexpensive, efficient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. It can be enjoyed by all, regardless of gender, age, and social, economic, or ethnic background.

The District 95/7 development project will be accessible from the NRVT. Hotel guests at 95/7 will have recreational access to the trail. Ultimately, commuters may bicycle to work, from north Norwalk or from Wilton. There will be access to the Norwalk River for canoers or kayakers. The immediate plan is for the NRVT to begin at Calf Pasture Beach and extend northward the entire length of Norwalk and into Wilton. When complete to Wilton High School the length will be about 12.8 miles. Eventually, the trail may be extended as far north as Danbury. 
The length of the trail from Calf Pasture Beach to the Norwalk-Wilton line is approximately 8.1 miles.
The trail currently has a section in Norwalk from Matthews Park to Union Park which has been completed. Another short section from New Canaan Avenue to Broad Street is completed. . The next trail section which is scheduled for construction will extend from Union Park, north along Riverside Avenue to Route 123. It is presently necessary to design this section, obtain the necessary permits, obtain funding, and then select a contractor for construction. In this 4600 foot section of the NRVT, it is necessary to cross the Norwalk River, which will be on the new Route 123 bridge which is currently being reconstructed by CONNDOT. When this trail section is completed, it will be possible to go from the Maritime Center to Broad Street on the NRVT. This section may be completed in 2011

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Surly Cross Check with Mavic Wheels and Kenda 700 x 42c Tires.

I picked up the finished Surly at lunch today. It is actually only 98% complete as the BB is a bit wide so the large chainring will not engage. I will ride it and decide if a Bash ring or a new small BB is in order. The triple cranks and BB came off the CAAD5 Cannondale r2000si  Ultegra Tiple. I will get in a ride early Thursday morning and report back.