Monday, November 29, 2010

I have commited to enter Fatty's lose 10 lbs in 4 weeks and win great stuff contest! FatCyclist Contest !

This is Fatty's contest. His rules. He describes it below:

visit to enter his contest.

Which of these many, many prizes might you win? That’s the beauty of it — you don’t know. I’ll choose randomly (though if possible, I’ll be happy to send you the correct size of shirt).

And even better, it costs nothing for you to enter this contest, or to win something. All you have to do is leave a comment either today (Monday) or tomorrow (Tuesday) in today’s post , indicating that you’re in. If you’re brave, you should also post your current weight.

When you leave a comment, be sure to include your email address in the email field (don’t worry, that address isn’t public, it’s just so I can contact you and get your address if you win something).

Then, on each weigh-in day, in the comments section, tell me how much you’ve lost so far. Weigh-in days are:

November 29/30: Initial weigh-in
December 6: First week weigh-in
December 13: Second week weigh-in
December 20: Third week weigh-in
December 23: Final weigh-in
Note that there are only 3 days between the third week weigh-in and the final weigh in, so don’t plan on losing a ton of weight then.

Out of everyone who successfully loses at least 10 pounds by December 23, I’ll choose random winners for each of the prizes listed above.

To me, it seems pretty likely that if you lose the 10 pounds, you’ll get some prize or other. Considering the entry fee (none), that’s not bad at all.

My Eating Plan

I am not a dietician. I am not a nutritionist. But I know quite about about what works, at least for myself (and I’ve got a pretty ordinary body). If you don’t already have a diet worked out, why don’t you follow my plan? It’s simple, it is usable for busy people in the real world, and if you stay on the wagon, I am almost certain that you will lose more than the ten pounds I’m setting as our communal by-Christmas goal.

Breakfast: I like eggs for breakfast. Here are the two ways I like to prepare them.

Fried: either 4 egg whites — fried — with a quarter avocado sliced on top, or a 3 egg whites and 1 yolk. Either way, it goes on a slice of wheat toast.
Scrambled: Saute a quarter onion, a handful of mushrooms, a handful of spinach leaves, and a couple spoonsful of salsa, then scramble in 3 whites and a yolk.
Snack: A grapefruit, or a tomato. Or an apple. Or a banana. Or if I craving something sweet, pears. Basically, any raw fruit or vegetable

Lunch: Tuna, egg whites, or chopped chicken, with fat free mayo, dill relish, celery, tomato, and mustard chopped in. On a slice of wheat bread or a couple of rice cakes.

Snack: Same as previous snack, but only one grapefruit per day. Not because they’re heavy or anything like that. I’ve just noticed my stomach starts to feel too acidic when I go too heavy on the grapefruit (wonderful though it is)

Dinner: Same thing everyone else in the family is having, but with portion control. No more carbs than two slices of bread would be, no more meat than the size of my fist. Keep fats to about a tablespoon.


Throughout the day: Drink half gallon of water.
When to stop eating: After dinner, I’m done eating for the night. This makes for very difficult sleeping the first couple nights, after which things are fine. And I’m done drinking, too. Because I hate having to get up to pee four times per night.
How I Hope to Not Hate My New Eating Habits: Once per week, usually on a Friday or Saturday, I get a non-diet meal. So it’s still possible to go out to eat and indulge in the things I like most. It’s just that doing so will be more of a special occasion, instead of the default.
My non-dairy-ness isn’t about diet. You’ll notice there’s hardly any dairy in my diet. That’s not because I don’t think dairy can work in a diet. It’s because dairy makes me fart. And I don’t like soy milk, for those of you who were about to suggest it.
My Exercise Plan

This is actually the hardest part of the plan for me, because it’s winter, and I just don’t love riding my bike in the cold (I know, some people thrive on it; I don’t).

So, I plan to ride the rollers for an hour every day. That’s as much as I can stand. I will then supplement that with a rotating schedule of a short run or swim and an upper body day. Upper body days consist of doing the Hundred Pushups plan and pull-ups.

The Runner, by the way, will be doing essentially the same thing as me, but will be doing P90X for her upper-body stuff.

How Fast I’ll Lose Weight

I expect to lose four pounds this first week, then three pounds in the second week, then two pounds in the third week. In the final three days, I’ll lose one more pound. Ten pounds by Christmas. Easy.

Now, I gotta figure out what I’m going to give myself for a prize when I succeed.

Let’s Get Started

OK, we’ve got a timeframe, we’ve got prizes, we’ve got solidarity. Let’s see how much, collectively, we can lose by Christmas. Go weigh yourself, and then leave a comment saying that you are committed.

visit: for details and prizes.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I've got my eye on a new frame. Check the Salsa Spearfish !

Spearfish Complete

Spearfish is our endurance-racing, long XC riding, full-suspension 29’er mountain bike.

Designed for 24-hour and other ultra-endurance XXC efforts, Spearfish targets efficiency. The frame offers 80mm of rear wheel travel, paired with 100mm of front suspension.

The EV6 aluminum frame is low weight and uses a pivot-minimizing suspension design. Removing the rear pivot helps keep chassis weight down, while also reducing complexity and maintenance.

The rear suspension is designed for efficient pedaling. As a result, Spearfish climbs extremely well and exhibits very little suspension bob. The tapered 1-1/8 to 1-1/2” headtube provides a stiffer front end and more precise steering. Likewise, the press-fit BB30 bottom bracket also transmits pedaling power more efficiently than other designs.

The Spearfish frame geometry results in neutral handling that does not steer overly quickly. The bike is designed to perform well for someone in his or her 6th or 12th or even 18th hour of racing (or just riding), and perhaps a tad slower than a bike that aims at winning 2-hour XC races.

We named this frame after the town of Spearfish in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Spearfish (the city) is home to the Ridge Riders Mountain Bike Club, the Dakota Five-O mountain bike race, and hundreds of miles of killer singletrack trails that this bike will excel on. With this frame we pay homage to their fair city and the mountain bikers there.

Spearfish. Charge your lights because tonight’s ride will be a long one.