Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I've got my eye on a new frame. Check the Salsa Spearfish !

Spearfish Complete

Spearfish is our endurance-racing, long XC riding, full-suspension 29’er mountain bike.

Designed for 24-hour and other ultra-endurance XXC efforts, Spearfish targets efficiency. The frame offers 80mm of rear wheel travel, paired with 100mm of front suspension.

The EV6 aluminum frame is low weight and uses a pivot-minimizing suspension design. Removing the rear pivot helps keep chassis weight down, while also reducing complexity and maintenance.

The rear suspension is designed for efficient pedaling. As a result, Spearfish climbs extremely well and exhibits very little suspension bob. The tapered 1-1/8 to 1-1/2” headtube provides a stiffer front end and more precise steering. Likewise, the press-fit BB30 bottom bracket also transmits pedaling power more efficiently than other designs.

The Spearfish frame geometry results in neutral handling that does not steer overly quickly. The bike is designed to perform well for someone in his or her 6th or 12th or even 18th hour of racing (or just riding), and perhaps a tad slower than a bike that aims at winning 2-hour XC races.

We named this frame after the town of Spearfish in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Spearfish (the city) is home to the Ridge Riders Mountain Bike Club, the Dakota Five-O mountain bike race, and hundreds of miles of killer singletrack trails that this bike will excel on. With this frame we pay homage to their fair city and the mountain bikers there.

Spearfish. Charge your lights because tonight’s ride will be a long one.

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