Sunday, February 6, 2011

Inner City Bikes has created a cross between a Direct drive bike and Unicycle.

The folks at Inner City Bikes put a fixie and a unicycle into a dark, sexy room, played some light jazz and let nature happen. Out popped this minimalist, chain-less bike. Practical? We'll see, but she's certainly a looker.

Now, whether that look you're giving is one of love or disgust probably depends on your propensity toward wearing a suit, Pumas and a beard while riding a bike, but for me, the video below and the gallery make it appear as those this is one simple, well-constructed bicycle.

She lacks the mechanical gear-shifting apparatus of her 21-speed cousins, and even the chain of her more closely related fixie brethren, but her bicycle heritage is unmistakable. There are pedals and handle bars and a single brake and, damn those tires are really close together:

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