Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My new road bike. I don't care about weight - Not the bikes weight anyway:) :(

Specialized Tricross Triple ! This is a touring / cyclocross  bike measures 57cm. I picked this up a few weeks ago to replace the Surly Cross Check that I had built 2 years ago. The Crosscheck was killer but the 54cm frame I selected was just to small. If I have my choice I would have went with a Tricross with the disc upgrade but I was lucky to find this as 2008 "  New Old Stock" bike and paid a very fair price. The V-brakes have great stopping power but I need to adjust them as the front wheel stutters if braking into a turn. Might just need to get broken in. I have done 3- 20 miles rides and though the bike is def heavy compared to my Giant TCR Carbon race bike it is a pleasure to ride.

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Mark Lurie said...

I am the same way about weight when it comes to riding road. I know that once I get on a real bike that I will be able to fly but for now, I am just working on strength.